Обложка книги Risk & Grow Rich: How to Make Millions in Real Estate

Risk & Grow Rich: How to Make Millions in Real Estate


ISBN: 0060899727;
Издательство: Regan Books
Страниц: 256

Savvy young real estate entrepreneur Kendra Todd shows you how to take smart risks -- and make millions in real estate! Kendra Todd understands that the one thing that keeps people from entering today's real estate market and improving their lives is a fear of risk. Is the market still hot? Will the bubble burst? How do you judge where that fine line between necessary and unacceptable risk really falls? In Risk & Grow Rich ,Todd addresses real estate risk from all sides, shows how to recognize a smart risk, and lays out the steps for turning risk into opportunity. With quizzes to test what kind of risk taker you are and real-life examples of successful risks that paid off, Risk & Grow Rich prepares you for the secret of making money in real estate: leveraging your equity at a recession-proof price point with coauthor Charles Andrews's trademarked Equity Building Formula. Warm, candid, and...

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