Обложка книги Smart Negotiating

Smart Negotiating

ISBN: 1599180030; 9781599180038;
Издательство: Entrepreneur Press
Страниц: 320

Flexibility is the key to success This practical, easy-to-apply book reveals that one negotiation strategy--like that taught in most negotiation books--isn't enough. With Smart Negotiating, you'll learn how to come out on top of any negotiation--from cporate mergers to household chores--by modifying your tactics based on the personalities and motivations of the parties involved. Author John Dolan stresses the importance of preparation, a key element so often overlooked. This is crucial when situatio call for fast thinking and real-time changes to get results. An exclusive six-step preparation checklist ensures that you'll be fully aware of everything that can affect the negotiation--providing a huge advantage over the opposition. He also offers x novel ways to break an impasse, no-nonsense strategies for dealing with emotions, and ways to secretly read opponents.

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