Обложка книги The Bronfmans: The Rise And Fall of the House of Seagram

The Bronfmans: The Rise And Fall of the House of Seagram

ISBN: 031233219X;
Издательство: Thomas Dunne Books
Страниц: 338

The Bronfmans portrays the extraordinary saga of the Bronfman family, and above all, their patriarch Sam, the greatest figure in the history of liquor, the man who made drinking whiskey respectable and who built the first global empire of alcohol. From Sams death, the book then recounts with lavish detail the soap opera-ish struggle of his brothers and heirs for control. The mantle is finally passed to his son Edgar, who masterminds a major coup when he translates a small investment in oil into a twenty-five percent stake in the mighty DuPont company. But in the 1990s Edgar allowed his son Edgar Jr. to play media tycoon. The stake in DuPont was sold, and the money reinvested in Universal-which was practically given away in a merger with French media giant Vivendi. When the bubble burst, the family lost Seagrams and untold fortune. With revealing interviews from family members and confidants, The Bronfmans is an amazing story of bootlegging billionaires, and business folly.

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