Обложка книги The Needle's Eye: Women And Work in the Age of Revolution

The Needle's Eye: Women And Work in the Age of Revolution

ISBN: 1558495452;
Издательство: University of Massachusetts Press
Страниц: 302

Among the enduring stereotypes of early American history has been the colonial Goodwife, perpetually spinning, sewing, darning, and quilting, answering all of her family's textile needs. But the Goodwife of popular historical imagination obscures as much as she reveals; the icon appears to explain early American women's labor history while at the same time allowing it to go unexplained. Tensions of class and gender recede, and the largest artisanal trade open to early American women is obscured in the guise of domesticity. In this book, Marla R. Miller illuminates the significance of women's work in the clothing trades of the early Republic. Drawing on diaries, letters, reminiscences, ledgers, and material culture, she explores the contours of working women's lives in rural New England, offering a nuanced view of their varied ranks and roles?skilled and unskilled, black and white, artisanal and laboring?as producers and consumers, clients and craftswomen, employers and...

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