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Wildlife Ecology, Conservation and Management

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ISBN: 1405107375;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishing Professional
Страниц: 488

This extensively revised new edition of Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management provides a succinct and clear introduction to general ecological principles, and then goes on to show how those principles can be applied to wildlife management and conservation.The unique feature of this book is that general ecology is explained first, allowing those students who do not have an ecology background to get to grips quickly with applications to real world situations. This said, the book is appropriate to both undergraduate and graduate classes in applied ecology, conservation, and natural resource management. The book will also be valuable to professional wildlife biologists in developing their research and management.This edition includes new chapters on foraging and on community and ecosystem ecology. Recent developments in the use of computer modelling are explored in several of the chapters and an overview of how to choose between different models is provided in a separate new...

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