Обложка книги Ethnicity without Groups: ,

Ethnicity without Groups: ,

ISBN: 0674015398;
Издательство: Harvard University Press
Страниц: 296

Despite a quarter-century of constructivist theorizing in the social sciences and humanities, ethnic groups continue to be conceived as entities and cast as actors. Journalists, policymakers, and researchers routinely frame accounts of ethnic, racial, andnational conflict as the struggles of internally homogeneous, externally bounded ethnic groups, races, and nations. In doing so, they unwittingly adopt the language of participants in such struggles, and contribute to the reification of ethnic groups. Inthis timely and provocative volume, Rogers Brubaker?well known for his work on immigration, citizenship, and nationalism?challenges this pervasive and commonsense ?groupism.? But he does not simply revert to standard constructiist tropes about the fluidity and multiplicity of identity. Once a bracing challenge to conventional wisdom, constructivism has grown complacent, even clich?d. That ethnicity is constructed is commonplace; this volume provides...

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