Обложка книги Idiots at Work: Chronicles of Workplace Stupidity

Idiots at Work: Chronicles of Workplace Stupidity

ISBN: 0740746995;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Страниц: 240

Leland Gregory once thought crooks, politicians, and lawyers were the greatest nitwits out there, but it turns out that the working masses are packed with the dumb, dumber, and dumbest humans on the face of the planet. Gregory's latest look at nincompoops, Idiots at Work: Chronicles of Workplace Stupidity, makes it crystal clear that the world's biggest jerks are on the job.Consider these examples: There was the woman who sued Eastman Kodak to improve the lighting conditions on her job A? in a darkroom? Then there's the Ontario Federation of Labor that installed a "bad boss" hotline to get a handle on labor problems - only to have the system crash soon after startup because too many calls came in. Or the interviewee who wore a Walkman, explaining that she could listen to interviewer and music at the same time. Gregory has made a career out of finding the imbeciles of the world and sharing their antics with the rest of us. His previous AMP humor compilations What's the Number for 911?,...