Обложка книги In Pursuit of Justice

In Pursuit of Justice

ISBN: 158322629X;
Издательство: Seven Stories Press
Страниц: 432

"Ralph Nader is our indispensible voice of outrage against corporate corruption, greed, invasion of privacy, and abuse of power."-James K. Galbraith, author of Created Unequal: The Crisis in American Pay Over the last 40 years, Ralph Nader has established himself as this country's most active visionary. In this insightful new collection of his nationally syndicated column, Nader is at his best. Collecting more than 100 articles spanning three decades, In Pursuit of Justice addresses corporate abuse; the latent dangers of nuclear energy, water and air pollution, consumer safety; and more, all with Nader's inimitable sense of both his subjects' gravity and citizens' entitlement to a fair lot. Writing with a passion for justice and a piercing awareness of the issues of the day, Nader has been tireless in his pursuit of safer lives for U.S. citizens, leaving no one in this country untouched by his reforms. Remarkably contemporary in its breadth, In Pursuit...

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