Обложка книги Business Ethics and Values (2nd Edition)

Business Ethics and Values (2nd Edition)


ISBN: 0273694782;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 608

Offering a blend of academic theory and concrete issues, this work is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students with or without practical experience in the business world. With chapters reflecting a series of lectures, the book serves as a self-contained course in business ethics, assuming little prior knowledge of business ethics on the part of the student. Crucial to this new book is the way it introduces the student to the complexities and principles of ethical issues through the medium of real-world case examples and simulations. These features aim to stimulate debate and enable the reader to appreciate and understand the relevance and many-sidedness of ethical arguments. Features include a comprehensive review of existing material, combined with new perspectives to equip students for the challenges in the work environment; chapter overviews and student learning objectives offer a solid and useful framework in which to organize study; diagrams and charts present...

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