Обложка книги Instant Team Building (Instant Success)

Instant Team Building (Instant Success)


ISBN: 007146669X; 9780071466691;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 176

From the international go-to guys in small business know-how: Your source for the strategies, skills and confidence every business owner needs to succeed Remember what it was like learning how to ride a bicycle? Now imaginehow it would've been if you'd tried to do it blindfolded. Pretty scary, right? Yet, right now, all over the world, millions of men and women are trying to make a go of running small businesses without a clear picture of where they're goingor how to get ahead. No wonder so many small businesses fail in their first year of operation. Don't become another statistic. Let the Instant Success Series show you how to get up on that Schwinn and ride it to success. Written by whiz kd entrepreneur and renowned international business coach Bradley Sugars, the Instant Success Series arms hardworking independent business owners like you with all the tools for success. Instant Success books tackle an array of...

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