Обложка книги Intercultural Business Communication (4th Edition)

Intercultural Business Communication (4th Edition)


ISBN: 0131860097;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 320

This book prepares today's business people to compete and manage domestic and international diversity in an increasingly multinational business arena. Unique in the market, it uses research involving three Delphi panels of experts' perceptions of the importance of the topics covered as the basis for its contents. The authors have traveled or worked in a number of countries, therefore producing a work of firsthand knowledge of the topics covered. Topics comprehensively covered include: cultural shock; language, oral, and non-verbal communication patterns; written communication patterns; global etiquette; business and social customs; intercultural negotiation process and strategies; and laws affecting international business and travel. A good reference work for anyone who works internationally.

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