Обложка книги Oral Workplace Communication: Job Talk (2nd Edition)

Oral Workplace Communication: Job Talk (2nd Edition)

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ISBN: 0131704605;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 256

The 2 nd edition of this text provides an excellent, easy-to-read explanation of the tools needed to be successful on the job. Organized into easily understood 3-part chapters, Job Talk provides ample coverage of standard communication topics, and addresses content essential for workers in today’s competitive job market. A Beginning with an overview of the communication process, it then addresses skills related to diversity, listening, interpersonal relationships, oral presentations, teamwork, job search, and customer service. Because of its ease of use this guide is invaluable to those who need to present information from all walks of life: from students to trainer-facilitators to CEOs. Adult learners who develop the skills presented in this book can expect to experience more satisfying work lives, improved interpersonal relationships, and increased self-confidence.

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