Обложка книги Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Sexual Harassment)

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (Sexual Harassment)

ISBN: 1572485272;
Издательство: Sphinx Publishing
Страниц: 304

Sexual harassment in the workplace covers a wide range of conduct--all of which is illegal. This comprehensive, practical guide shows how to identify harassment and to understand its causes in the workplace. It discusses the effect of sexual harassment as it relates to the victim, other personnel and the company. The harassment of men and the constantly changing standards for proving harassment are also addressed. Included in this title is an overview of the laws governing this topic and an explanation of these laws and the process for filing and pursuing complaints and the potential resolution of the lawsuit--pros and cons. Practical suggestions relating to options that one has in dealing with sexual harassment are also discussed. The applicable federal and state laws are explained in easy-to-understand language, including the most recent Supreme Court rulings concerning supervisor and employer liability. Appendices offering extensive resources including publications,...

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