Обложка книги The Office Professional's Guide: The Essential Reference for the Modern Office

The Office Professional's Guide: The Essential Reference for the Modern Office

ISBN: 0195183584; 9780195183580;
Издательство: Oxford University Press, USA
Страниц: 480

When do you address correspondents by their first names over e-mail? Need a refresher on the proper format for a business letter? Or perhaps a cram-course on how business is conducted in a particular foreign country? Now, all your workplace questions canbe found in one convenient source from the most trusted name in reference. The Office Professional's Guide takes you through office basics (frequently misspelled words; proper telephone, fax, and email etiquette; common filing systems), important businss and financial concepts (P&L, ROI, price to earnings ratio), international business (a glossary of terms in five different languages; a guide to travel arrangements), giving presentations (with PowerPoint), making meeting arrangements, and much more.br> The Office Professional's Guide is an invaluable tool for any modern professional, no matter how high you are on your department's totem pole. Compiled and researched by Oxford's renowned reference team, this comprehensive book...

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