Обложка книги Code of Professional Conduct

Code of Professional Conduct

ISBN: 1933264179;
Издательство: Lawyers and Judges Publishing
Страниц: 132

People come to private investigators to seek help in different situations. Lawyers use investigators to gather information for their cases; business executives hire investigators to discover fraudulent activity within their companies; and convicted felons hire investigators to find evidence to prove their innocence. Investigators are expected to provide the necessary assistance in a manner that is ethical, accountable, and thorough. While many investigators are professional and ethical, currently it is difficult to police unethical practitioners and prevent them from taking advantage of those who have hired them. Code of Professional Conduct, Second Edition has been prepared to advance the reputation of the profession; to educate investigators, and those who hire them, on the ethics, conduct, and services of practitioners; and to insure that excellent standards of service and professionalism are upheld at all times. While a majority of the professional investigator...

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