Обложка книги Critical Communication Pedagogy

Critical Communication Pedagogy


ISBN: 1412916267;
Издательство: Sage Publications, Inc
Страниц: 216

In this autoethnographic work, authors Deanna L. Fassett and John T. Warren illustrate a synthesis of critical pedagogy and instructional communication, as both a field of study and a teaching philosophy. Critical Communication Pedagogy is a poetic work that charts paradigmatic tensions in instructional communication research, articulates commitments underpinning critical communication pedagogy, and invites readers into self-reflection on their experiences as researchers, students, and teachers.A A Key Features : Uses autoethnography to explore critical communication pedagogy : Readers are encouraged to be self-reflective about their own teaching and learning. Through layered, storied accounts, the authors invite readers to explore how to engage in the study and teaching of communication as constitutive of social injustice. Identifies shifting paradigms in instructional communication : By using the...

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