Обложка книги Demystifying Organizational Learning

Demystifying Organizational Learning

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ISBN: 1412913780;
Издательство: Sage Publications, Inc
Страниц: 296

This book presents a solid, research-based conceptual framework that demystifies organizational learning and bridges the gap between theory and practice. Using an integrative approach, authors Raanan Lipshitz, Victor J. Friedman and Micha Popper provide practitioners and researchers with tools for understanding organizational learning under real-world conditions.A A A Key Features: Tackles the problem of mystification: A clear message is presented that organizational learning and related concepts have been mystified in a way that is unnecessary and dysfunctional to both theory and practice. This book provides a unique set of tools for understanding, promoting, and studying organizational learning. Introduces an integrative theme that addresses three key questions: How can organizations actually learn? What is the key for productive organizational learning? When is productive organizational learning likely to...

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