Обложка книги Digital Shock: Confronting the New Reality

Digital Shock: Confronting the New Reality

ISBN: 0773531149;
Издательство: McGill-Queen's University Press
Страниц: 280

HervA© Fischer believes that the digital revolution is a definitive moment in human history, as important as the discovery of fire. Deceptively quiet, it is invasive, radical, and affects all aspects of human activity. Fischer cautions that we need to develop a cyberphilosophy to confront this new reality. In Digital Shock, the first English translation of his critically accalimed Le Choc du numA©rique: A? l’aube d’une nouvelle civilization, le triomphe des cyberprimitifs, Fischer warns that we must take a critical approach to these immensely beneficial, yet potentially devastating, technologies. The challenge, argues Fischer, is to avoid falling into cyberprimitivism - into allowing new technologies to enslave us by enshrining a symbolic, virtual cyberworld and powerful techno-scientific utopia. This could lead to another Middle Ages, destroying the modern idea of a political and social utopia. From cyberspace to artificial intelligence to genetic engineering, Digital...

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