Обложка книги Disability Discrimination And the Workplace

Disability Discrimination And the Workplace

ISBN: 1570182310;
Издательство: BNA Books
Страниц: 1132

Detailed analysis of federal and state disability discrimination laws and the interactions of the ADA with other key employment statutes. After a dozen years of litigation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), much controversy still surrounds the courts' construction of its requirements and limitations, and key interpretations of the law have been widely disputed. Today's legal landscape includes additional protective measures in this area, such as state laws that may go beyond the reach of the ADA, as well as other overlapping employment laws that provide related protections. These varying and intersecting disability discrimination laws can provide more potential legal pitfalls for the employment litigator than ever before. Now there's a new treatise from BNA Books that gives a comprehensive analysis of all facets of the law of disability discrimination in the workplace?Disability Discrimination and the Workplace. Disability Discrimination and the Workplace...

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