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Explaining Guanxi: The Chinese Business Network


ISBN: 0415384184;
Издательство: Routledge
Страниц: 169

Guanxi can be roughly translated as personal ties, but the simplicity of this definition belies the complex nuances invoked by the word and the profound influences it has on Chinese business life. Although it is a widely recognized concept in both business and academia, there is relatively little published which aims to provide a thorough explanation (rather than simply a description) of its economic and social origins and thereby its real meaning in business life today. China will be the world's leading economic force for many years and will soon be its largest economy. The demand for knowledge of how the Chinese operate from businessmen and academics working in the field is huge and will continue to grow. Guanxi is an enormous force underpinning the way in which the Chinese conduct themselves and do business. The more others understand guanxi, the greater advantage they will have in dealing with China. The book will therefore be a valuable addition to our growing...

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