Обложка книги Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema

Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema

ISBN: 1405132337;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishing Professional
Страниц: 496

Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema is an original collection of essays that introduces the study of film theory through contemporary issues. Using topics of genre, gender, and race, this book encourages critical discussion, combining formal, historical, cultural, and theoretical approaches to the study of world cinema. United by the overarching theme of identity, this book analyzes how film represents and influences individual and societal constructs of self. Organized thematically, the volume introduces important concepts in film studies while giving exemplary analyses of important films from American, Asian, European, and African cinema. Introductions to each section map the themes and histories of each topic, raising theoretical issues specific to each. Provocative and up to date information, including new thinking on feminisms and masculinity, make this volume a comprehensive and innovative introduction to film theory.

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