Обложка книги Management of Organizational Change: Leveraging Transformation

Management of Organizational Change: Leveraging Transformation

ISBN: 0761934154;
Издательство: SAGE Publications
Страниц: 372

Organizational change is a complex yet essential process for growth and development in business. The Second Edition of the book, examines the nature of this critical process in light of new developments in theory and experience. Revisiting fundamental concepts as well as including new ideas, this book discusses: The nature and process of transformational change The basic concepts of change and new developments in our understanding of them The need for and ways of aligning current tasks, systems processes, and culture with organizational goals The support systems required for change and new behavior and the need to develop and maintain these support systems Supported by numerous case studies and detailed analysis, this book will be a definitive guide for students, scholars and practitioners of change management.

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