Обложка книги Rhetoric in Popular Culture

Rhetoric in Popular Culture

ISBN: 141291437X;
Издательство: Sage Publications, Inc
Страниц: 328

A “As we go through life experiencing and enjoying music, clothing, architecture, food, and so forth, we are also participating in rhetorical struggles over what kind of society we will live in and what sort of people we will be. This book will empower you to see those struggles as well, so that you will be able to find the rhetoric in rage metal, the motivations on MTV, and the arguments in RV’s.” —From the IntroductionA A Rhetoric in Popular Culture, Second Edition is the only textbook that uniquely joins together two vital scholarly traditions: rhetorical criticism and critical studies. Author Barry Brummett introduces the reader to techniques of rhetorical criticism specifically designed for the analysis of texts in popular culture. The Second Edition of...