Обложка книги Transparency in Global Change: The Vanguard of the Open Society

Transparency in Global Change: The Vanguard of the Open Society


ISBN: 0822958953;
Издательство: University of Pittsburgh Press
Страниц: 408

Transparency in Global Change examines the quest for information exchange in an increasingly international, open society. Recent transformations in governments and cultures have brought about a surge in the pursuit of knowledge in areas of law, trade, professions, investment, education, and medical practicea?”among others. Technological advancements in communications, led by the United States, and public access to information fuel the phenomenon of transparency. This rise in transparency parallels a diminution of secrecya?”though, as Burkart and Leslie Holzner point out, secrecy continues to exist on many levels. Based on current events and historical references in literature and the social sciences, Transparency in Global Change focuses on the turning points of information cultures, such as scandals, that lead to pressure for transparency. Moreover, the Holzners illuminate byproducts of transparencya?”debate, insight, and impetus for change, as transparency exposes...

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