Обложка книги Turning 30: How to Get the Life You Really Want

Turning 30: How to Get the Life You Really Want


ISBN: 1569243107;
Издательство: Marlowe & Company
Страниц: 224

As the "Big 3-0" approaches or swiftly passes, many once confident young people find themselves awash with anxiety-provoking questions?"What am I doing with my life?" "Should I be settling down?" "Where is my career headed?" "Who am I and what to do I really want?!" These questions are the hallmark of the "quarterlife crisis," a time when our gaze turns inward, when we evaluate our personal and career choices and wonder whether we're on the right path or seriously lost. Turning 30 guides readers through the often difficult but ultimately rewarding process of reassessing one's life and figuring out what matters most. Packed with stories from the front lines, goal-setting exercises, revealing case studies, and useful, thought-provoking tips, it shows readers how to reexamine their values and explore every area of their lives, ultimately teaching them how to transform their dreams into practical ideas for achieving the life they really want.

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