Обложка книги Visual Systems: Harnessing the Power of a Visual Workplace

Visual Systems: Harnessing the Power of a Visual Workplace


ISBN: 0814474594;
Издательство: Amacom
Страниц: 356

How to improve quality and productivity through non-verbal signs, signals, controls, and constraints. When an industrial workplace (such as a machining area, assembly line, or loading dock) is dirty, cluttered or poorly marked, it's not just bad to the eyes -- it's bad for the business. This book is a comprehensive guide to ""visual systems"" -- a highly successful approach that uses visual indicators, signs, controls, and guarantees to direct and support activities on the shop floor. The goal is a self-explaining, self-regulating workplace where critical information is shared rapidly, accurately -- and without speaking or reading a word. Packed with case examples, photos, tables, and checklists, the book shows how visual systems can reduce costs by: * radically improving both quality and safety * triggering new levels of employee participation * cutting wasted motion and needless use of space and materials * creating a company-wide visual improvement ""language"""