Обложка книги Using ActionScript 2.0 Components with Macromedia Flash 8

Using ActionScript 2.0 Components with Macromedia Flash 8

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ISBN: 0321395395;
Издательство: Macromedia Press
Страниц: 1752

Components are “packaged” pieces of the Flash user interface, data integration tools, and media player that form the building blocks for building rich internet applications. They encapsulate complex functionality to make Flash development easier and more efficient, by letting developers reuse, share, and customize code. This book describes how to work with components and their supporting classes. In Using ActionScript Components with Macromedia Flash 8, learn how to: •A A A Set component properties and parameters •A A A Write functions to handle component “events,” such as clicking, loading, and rollovers •A A A Customize component appearance •A A A Create your own components and distribute them to other developers and designers •A A A Use supporting classes for managing component depth and focus, or to customize data, styles, transition effects, and Web services Includes the...

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