Обложка книги The Seven Swabians, and Other German Folktales (World Folklore Series)

The Seven Swabians, and Other German Folktales (World Folklore Series)

ISBN: 156308967X;
Издательство: Libraries Unlimited
Страниц: 328

Many people are familiar with the German tales of the Brothers Grimm, but usually in the sugar-coated versions of picture books and Hollywood cartoons. In this book you'll discover some other sides to German folklore. Using primary German-language sources, Altmann has gleaned a wonderful assortment of authentic tales to enchant and educate audiences of all ages. This collection includes many favorite German tales, such as "Rapunzel," "Snow White," "Rumpelstilkskin," "Hansel and Gretel," and "The Bremen Town Musicians"; as well as more obscure tales such as "The Seven Swabians" and "The Master Thief." There are tales for all kinds of listeners and readers--more than 80 stories in all, including tales that may shock you or make your hair stand on end, as well as those that will intrigue or amuse. The stories are organized in four sections: Animal stories (Tiergeschichten, largely fables), Comic tales (Schwanke, which range from the silly to the outrageous), Fairy tales (Zaubermarchen,...

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