Обложка книги Writers on Organizations

Writers on Organizations


ISBN: 1412941032;
Издательство: Sage Publications, Inc
Страниц: 216

Long a best-seller, this eagerly awaited Sixth Edition offers an illuminating overview of the field of organization studies through the views of leading writers whose ideas are presently the subject of much interest and debate. Authors Derek S. Pugh and David J. Hickson do a masterful job of capturing the essence of each writer’s contribution to the field—providing coverage of all the classic and cutting edge theories in management today. New to the Sixth Edition: A A Discusses the work of new writers and brings the work of previous writers up-to-date: Takes into account the changing organizational issues and new work making an impact in the field. Incorporates new material on leading experts: This updated edition includes the presentation of six additional writers—Stewart Clegg, Lex Donaldson, Peter Drucker, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Michel Foucault, and Richard Whitley. ...

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