Обложка книги How to Get the Job You Desire

How to Get the Job You Desire

ISBN: 0805956379;

In today?s uncertain economy, it never hurts to sharpen your job-hunting skills in anticipation of layoffs, downsizing, or even changing to a more fulfilling and rewarding career. If you have been thinking of changing jobs for any reason, then How to Get the Job You Desire is your first stop. Chock full of advice, tips, suggestions, and coaching, Peggy Redman?s guide takes you step by step through the job hunting process, from filling out an application, creating a resume, and writing a cover letter to how to conduct yourself during an interview, offer references, and keep your dream job once you have landed it. From novice job seekers to accomplished employees, How to Get the Job You Desire is applicable for all stages of your career, whether you are actively engaged in job hunting or just considering a change.

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