Обложка книги Maevia inclemens

Maevia inclemens

ISBN: 978-5-5106-3061-9;
Издательство: Книга по требованию
Страниц: 128

Maevia inclemens is a relatively common and colorful jumping spider of North America. In the males there are two forms, a very rare phenomenon in zoology. These use different courting displays,:3-4 and differ in appearance: the "tufted" morph has a black body and pedipalps ("palps"), three black tufts across its "head", and pale legs; and the "gray" morph has black and white stripes all over its body and legs, orange palps, and no tufts. However, each form accounts for 50% of the adult males, and they are equally successful in mating. A female of Maevia inclemens is 6.5 to 8.0 millimetres (0.26 to 0.31 in) long, while males are 4.75 to 6.50 millimetres (0.187 to 0.256 in) long.:3-4

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