Обложка книги The Selfish Crocodile

The Selfish Crocodile

ISBN: 978-0-7475-4193-6;
Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing

Every morning a very large and very snappy crocodile shouts this selfish message: 'Stay away from my river! It's MY river! If you come in my river, I'll eat you all!' The animals in the forest don't know what to do. They are frightened of the crocodile. Even the fish, tadpoles, frogs, crabs and crayfish stay out of the water. Until one day, the creatures are woken by a loud groaning sound which turns out to be the selfish crocodile in a lot of pain, and the smallest of them all, a little mouse, finds a way to solve their snappy dilemma! Astoundingly bright, bold illustrations bring to life all the wonderful creatures of the forest in a rainbow of colours. The Author: Faustin Charles is a renowned poet and story-teller. His collection of Afro-Caribbean rhymes was published to great success by Puffin. This is his first picture book text. Bloomsbury Children's Books are also publishing his first poetry collection in October 1998, establishing Faustin as a Bloomsbury author across the board. Faustin spends much time in schools and libraries story-telling, and is also Library Buyer for Enfield. He lives in North London. The Illustrator: Mike Terry is most well-known for his wonderful cover illustrations for Dick King-Smith, including The Hodgeheg and The Sheep-Pig (the basis for the successful film Babe ). This is his first picture book. Mike lives in Hythe, Kent.

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