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The Worlds of Hunt Slonem

ISBN: 9780865652651;

Profuse. Profound. Transcendent. Jubilant. In his life as in his art, Hunt Slonem is all of these things and more. He is an inveterate collector of the inanimate (chandeliers, furniture, candlesticks) and animate (a menagerie of exotic birds), and his art, too, is accumulative; a governing principle of his painting and sculpture is multiplicity of subject and of pattern. In TheWorlds of Hunt Slonem Dominique Nahas delves deep beneath the decorative surface of Slonems work to reveal the fascinating sources of and influences on his art. The chapter Set Out on a Journey examines the places in which he lived and worked in his youth, from his boyhood in Hawaii to a formative sojourn in Nicaragua as a teenager to his training at Tulane University, and how his early experiences impacted his development as an artist. Multiplicity presents a visual lexicon of the innumerable creatures he has celebrated over and over in his paintings, starting with his early Broadway Bug Series (c. 1974), and...

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