Обложка книги Mining Economics and Strategy

Mining Economics and Strategy

ISBN: 0873351657;
Издательство: Soc for Mining Metallurgy and
Страниц: 296

Economic skill is an essential partner to technical skill in every step of the mining process. An economic "mindset" begins before the first drill hole. This new book will help you effectively direct mining operations through the use of innovative economic strategies. The text covers what is meant by a cost-effective mining scheme, the economics of information, and the procedures for rational evaluation of uncertain projects. It defines "ore" from an economic perspective and covers the influence of scheduling on ore reserves. Discounted cash flow techniques, the most widely used evaluation technique for investment decision making, is covered in detail. The assumption of the use of spreadsheets is unique to this book. The application of DCF techniques in an operating mine environment is given expanded coverage and examples are drawn from real-life studies. The differences between economic decision-making--a forward-looking task--and the reporting of results via...