Обложка книги Marketing Metrics : 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master

Marketing Metrics : 50+ Metrics Every Executive Should Master

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ISBN: 0131873709;
Издательство: Wharton School Publishing; 1st edition
Страниц: 368

Marketers now recognize the importance of metrics, but few understand the breadth, depth, or power of the metrics now available to them. In Marketing Metrics, four leading researchers and consultants systematically introduce today’s most valuable marketing metrics, showing exactly how to use them to maximize marketing ROI and identify the best new opportunities for profit. The authors show how to use a “dashboard” of metrics to view market dynamics from multiple perspectives, to maximize accuracy, and to “triangulate” to optimal solutions. You’ll discover high-value metrics for virtually every facet of marketing: promotional strategy, advertising, and distribution; customer perceptions; market share; competitors’ power; margins and pricing; products and portfolios; customer profitability; sales forces and channels; and more. For clarity and simplicity, this book avoids advanced math: all calculations can be performed by hand, or with basic spreadsheet techniques. In...

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