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Phase Lock Loops and Frequency Synthesis

ISBN: 0470848669; 9780470848661;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 334

Phase lock loop frequency synthesis finds uses in a myriad of wireless applications - from local oscillators for receivers and transmitters to high performance RF test equipment. As the security and reliability of mobile communication transmissions have gained importance, PLL and frequency synthesisers have become increasingly topical subjects. Phase Lock Loops & Frequency Synthesis examines the various components that make up the phase lock loop design, including oscillators (crystal, voltage controlled), dividers and phase detectors. Interaction amongst the various components are also discussed. Real world problems such as power supply noise, shielding, grounding and isolation are given comprehensive coverage and solved examples with Matchcad programs are presented throughout. Presents a comprehensive study of phase lock loops and frequency synthesis in communication systems Written by an internationally-recognized expert in the field ...

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