Обложка книги Street T

Street T

ISBN: 0-06-144152-X; 978-0-06-144152-3;
Издательство: Collins Design
Страниц: 192
Формат: 215x250

T-shirts are popular, affordable, and-in recent years-works of art! These comfortable, casual items of clothing have become creative canvases for innovative design. Street T showcases the most significant contributions to this pop-culture/design phenomenon of this wardrobe staple-from do-it-yourself silk screens to high fashion variations. Each of the 45 graphic artists and designers included all have a particular vision of the T-shirt and reveal their views of the world through their T-shirt designs. Several have even made an original and exclusive T-shirt design just for Street T and all were interviewed just for the book. Filled cover to cover with lush, full-color photography, Street T is a vibrant and colorful look-book that will thrill artists, designers, fashionistas, and T-shirt-wearers alike.

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