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Ted Lister, Heston Blumenthal

Kitchen Chemistry

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ISBN: 0854043896
Издательство: Royal Society of Chemistry
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 126
All food is, of course, made of chemicals, and cooking can be thought of as a series of chemical reactions in which changes occur to some of these chemicals. The aims of cooking are several: to kill microorganisms and denature enzymes that might bring about undesirable changes in food to maintain or enhance the nutritional value of the food to improve the texture of the food to improve the appearance of the food to improve the flavour of the food to improve the aroma of the food. The material presented here looks at various aspects of the chemistry of food and the cooking process. It consists of activities of a variety of types class practical, demonstration experiments, reading comprehension and paper-based activities at a variety of levels. The index table will allow users to select an activity of an appropriate topic, type and level. Each activity deals with an aspect of the chemistry of food and/or cooking. Although the chemistry of food and cooking is...
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