Обложка книги Cinderella and Other Stories from `The Blue Fairy Book`

Cinderella and Other Stories from `The Blue Fairy Book`

ISBN: 0-486-29389-0; 978-0-486-29389-9;
Издательство: Dover Publications
Страниц: 96

Andrew Lang (1844-1912) was a brilliant Scottish scholar, man of letters and serious student of folklore. His series of `fairy books` is generally regarded as among the richest collections in the English language. Gathered from around the world - from Norse and Icelandic sources, from the Far East, Mideast, Europe, Africa, Australia, and many other areas - these books not only introduced generations of youngsters to the enchanting world of fairyland but gave adults an opportunity to return to the wonderful realm of make-believe. This delightful selection of six popular tales from Lang`s `Blue Fairy Book` includes charming versions of `Cinderella`, `The Bronze Ring`, `Felicia and the Pot of Pinks`, `The White Cat`, `The Story of Pretty Goldilocks`, and `Snow-white and Rose-red`. New illustrations by Marty Noble capture all the romance and magic of these time-honored tales. Reset in large, easy-to-read type, these perennial favorites will delight today`s young...

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