Обложка книги Wheels Up: Airline Business Plan Development

Wheels Up: Airline Business Plan Development

ISBN: 0534393543;
Издательство: Brooks Cole
Страниц: 220

Wheels up: Airline Business Plan Development is the first text that teaches the fundamentals of strategic business planning as they apply to the airline industry. Dr.John Wensveen, an international consultant and Assistant Professor of Airline Management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, focuses on issues of particular concern to airline professionals. Flexibility in the current competitive environment, the importance of understanding the structural organization of an airline, and the considerations necessary when making any strategic decision are just a few of the recurring themes he addresses. In addition, the reader is encouraged to consider current trends and topics of special interest (cost-cutting, aircraft fleet management, and corporate structure, to name a few) while learning the process of creating a successful business plan. Written to be accessible to executives, graduates, and undergraduates, Wensveen's text will be of interest to aviation enthusiasts as well as...