Обложка книги Mastering Viz Render: A Resource For Autodesk ARC

Mastering Viz Render: A Resource For Autodesk ARC


ISBN: 1418039632;
Издательство: Autodesk Press
Страниц: 432

This book familiarizes both novice and experienced 3D artists with the process and capabilities of the ADT/VIZr tool set. Instead of getting bogged down with lengthy feature descriptions, the book focuses squarely on the process of developing projects with ADT and VIZr. Readers will learn how to use each tool to its maximum benefit, as well as why it is important to the overall process. Included in every chapter is a common project scenario that showcases how designs can be brought to life with stunning rendered images, followed by details of the process that are necessary to achieving those results. Packed with tips, tricks and procedures along the way, this book will have readers producing high quality results with software they already own, in no time at all!