Обложка книги The New Cambridge English Course. Teacher 1

The New Cambridge English Course. Teacher 1


ISBN: 0-521-37665-3; 9780521376655;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Страниц: 150

The New Cambridge English Course is a four-level course for learners of English. Level 1 takes beginners and false beginners to a point at which they can use English fluently for simple practical purposes. The course features: - proven multi-syllabus approach; - explicit signposting of elements being presented and practised; - clearly focused aims for each lesson; - careful pacing for smooth progression through the course; - wide variety of presentation and practice material; - allowance for different learning styles and teaching situations; - balance between control and freedom in language practice; - motivating range of up-to-date topics; - authentic reading and listening material integrated throughout; - regular consolidation, reinforcement and evaluation; - highly attractive, clearly organized page design. The Teacher`s Book contains all the material necessary for teaching The New...