Обложка книги The New Cambridge English Course:Teacher 2

The New Cambridge English Course:Teacher 2


ISBN: 0-521-37666-1;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Страниц: 136

The Teacher's Book contains all the material necessary for teaching The New Cambridge English Course effectively and includes full introductions to the principles, design, organisation and use of the course. Summaries of language items and detailed teacher's notes for each lesson are interleaved with the relevant Student's Book pages. New ideas and techniques for presentation and practice are introduced throughout the course. The Teacher's Book also provides answers to exercises and tapescripts of recorded material, as well as a list of the Practice Book exercises for each lesson. The Teacher's Book is a resource which can be used both for reference and as a step-by-step guide. The New Cambridge English Course is a completely revised and re-designed edition of the internationally successful Cambridge English Course. The strengths of the original edition are combined with new written and recorded material to meet the needs of learners and teachers even more effectively than...