Обложка книги Die Kunst des Spiegel / The Art of Der Spiegel

Die Kunst des Spiegel / The Art of Der Spiegel


ISBN: 3-8327-9000-4;
Издательство: teNeues
Страниц: 264

Front cover illustrations for DER SPIEGEL have a long history. Commissioned artists such as Braldt Bralds, Michael Matthias Prechtl, Dieter Wiesmuller or Rafal Olbinski rank among the best illustrators in the world. For five decades, their talent for illustrating current events and contemporary themes has helped to define DER SPIEGEL's look. Now for the first time, original illustrations and the corresponding magazine covers are included in a beautifully produced catalogue to accompany a current museum exhibition travelling to Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich and New York. 200 illustrations by sixty artists are featured along with biographical information on each artist and discussions of artistic approaches. A preface by Steven Heller, the distinguished Art Director for The New York Times Book Review, opens the book and an interview with long-time SPIEGEL cover editor Eberhardt Wachsmuth completes the volume. - Five decades of cover illustrations for DER...