Обложка книги Blood and Beauty

Blood and Beauty

ISBN: 0595279201;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 196

From searing Holocaust knife fights to clowns hurling pies, Blood And Beauty offers a dozen unmatched opportunities for actresses to display their stage combat expertise. Filling a critical need in the theatrical canon, these shortplays not only provide women with exciting, gripping, and frequently hilarious stage fights to perform, but also present severe acting challenges. Dark Lady : Shakespeare's sonnets come to life. Red Riding Hood Redux : a fairy tale heroine with attitude. Death Song : a young Amazon learns the horrible truth of her parentage. Assail! Assail! : the perils of shopping. Thorns : a prequel to Macbeth . Surrender, Dorothy : an all-female construction crew works out a few issues. Strumpet Voluntary : a true episode from the life of 17th century swordmistress La Maupin. West : an SS officer seeks redemption from a prisoner he once loved. Ladies First :...