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Jonathan D. Culler

The Literary in Theory (Cultural Memory in the Present)

Обложка книги The Literary in Theory (Cultural Memory in the Present)

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ISBN: 0804753733
Издательство: Stanford University Press
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 276
"The Literary in Theory takes up questions that have been basic to the enterprise known as ‘theory’ with a fine mix of historical awareness, lively critical sense, and thoughtful advocacy. Culler’s vision of literary studies is inclusive and cumulative: it reminds us that ‘learning’ is both a noun and a verb, both a result and a process. Is theory dead? This book shows that it has a pulse and a sense of humor." —Haun Saussy, Yale University Has theory neglected literature? Often literary and cultural theory, which goes by the nickname "Theory," has seemed to be the theory of everything except literature: theory of language, of sexuality, of history, of the body, of the psyche, of meaning (or meaninglessness), of politics, but not theory of literature. In this timely and wide-ranging book, Jonathan Culler, whose lucid analyses of structuralism, semiotics, and deconstruction have been prized by generations of readers, explores the place of the literary in...