Обложка книги Uncle Martin's Family: A Memoir

Uncle Martin's Family: A Memoir

ISBN: 147595414X;
Страниц: 230

Uncle Martin was a man with a vivid memory and the God given gift of storytelling and rhyme. He spent the first 40 years of his life with his parents caring for them while they were earth bound. During those years he absorbed facts about his ancestors and enjoyed passing those stories on when opportunity arose. His stories are gathered together in this manuscript for his posterity and others to enjoy. The time spans four generations and from the Civil War to World War II. There are stories about scoundrels and about heroes. A greater portion covers the years of the Great Depression in the state of Kansas when he was growing up with his brothers and sisters. Many of the included stories are about everyday living at a time when everyone was struggling to make it to the next day. He testifies there were no crops, no jobs, and no money. No matter what generation you are a part of you are sure to enjoy a true testimony of that time period as well as his personal view of family members and...

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