Обложка книги Blue Jeans on a Sunday Morning

Blue Jeans on a Sunday Morning

ISBN: 1456021575;
Страниц: 160

From tragedy to triumph, the autobiography of Kim Ellis, growing up I was always the new kid on the block, the new kid in the class, always having to make new friends. This was due to my father's infidelity with any obsessed psychotic woman named Peggy White. We moved seven times before I was eleven years old finally my mother to return home to live with my grandparents, my grandparent's house was very peaceful, I finally felt safe. I married my high school sweet heart who was a notorious street pharmacist. His career in narcotics ended when he got into trouble with the police, not knowing what to do we looked for someone who could handle trouble; That was when we were introduced to Jesus. We experienced a miracle; his case was dismissed for lack of evidence. Thus began our life as newly saved Christians. We moved from New York to South Carolina, the Bible belt, where we found out the hard way that Christians and church people are two totally different kinds of people. Twenty two...

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