Обложка книги Kinetic Golf Picture the Game Like Never Before

Kinetic Golf Picture the Game Like Never Before


ISBN: 978-0-81098-360-1;
Издательство: Harry N. Abrams
Страниц: 196

With a new and revolutionary technique, leading golf coach Nick Bradley shows you how to improve your game dramatically. Author of the highly successful The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing, he has taught every class of golfer from top Tour pro to beginner. In this new volume, he combines clear, concise text with extraordinary images especially created to make you actually feel his instructions. Four main sections cover The Swing; Shots; Emotions and Attitudes; and Technical Directory and Backup; the last of which includes hard core lessons on such subjects as angles, speed and positions. This is the perfect book for golfers at all stages of their game. Nick Bradley has the unique ability to boil down the very essence of swing motion and technique, blend it with a feel and then create an image that says it all.

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