Обложка книги Sense: The Art and Science of Creating Lasting Brands

Sense: The Art and Science of Creating Lasting Brands

ISBN: 1592530141;
Страниц: 528

Book DescriptionIn the mid 1950s Lippincott & Margulies began self-publishing Sense, an industry magazine dedicated to exploring the leading issues surrounding identity and design. Each issue contains a series of thought provoking perspectives and insights that explore how companies and their products can become better known andbetter understood. In addition to insightful case studies on some of their more prominent clients, Sense explores topics such as: How to bridge the gap between reality and perception; What to do after a merger; Establishing a new identity; Struggling for distinctiveness; What?s the true measure of a brand?; Foundation for a new business; Managing brand risk, and Corporate Brand and Wall Street. Sense is a two-book package thatcelebrates the best of the magazine. The first book is a collection of the articles from all 96 issues and the second book explores each issue visually by showcasing the cover and several spreads. This book provides insights from some...

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